Managing Newsgroups

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Managing Newsgroups

Postby marcw » Thu Nov 27th, 2014 10:05am

Mailtraq Version:

Today, I was downloading messages for a newsgroup and I got a brief flash of an error message.

Then, I found there are several messages marked for download, but Agent doesn't seem able to download them.

I looked at Mailtraq, and it looks as though the messages are there - but there's nothing you can do, apparently, except look at the list; clicking on a message in the index doesn't open it or anything useful- neither can you delete it, apparently.

RIght clicking on the newgroup name and selecting "properties" just throws an error.

Module : D:\Mailtraq-bin\MailtraqSnapin.ocx
Version :
Class : EOleException
Message : Error calling "PropertiesValue" (80046007)
Timestamp : 2014-Nov-27 13:15:51

Stack trace
[0490FB05] ComObj.DispCallError (Line 1794, "common\ComObj.pas" + 13)
[0490FB38] ComObj.DispatchInvokeError (Line 1801, "common\ComObj.pas" + 0)
[0490FA53] ComObj.VarDispInvoke (Line 1772, "common\ComObj.pas" + 10)
[04904736] Variants.@DispInvoke (Line 796, "sys\variants.pas" + 27)
[04C926BB] PGroup.PropertiesNewsgroup (Line 118, "PGroup.pas" + 1)
[04D1780A] ActionImpl.TAction_Properties_Newsgroup.Execute (Line 895, "ActionImpl.pas" + 4)
[049EEA2B] SnapinActions.TSnapinBasicAction.Execute (Line 370, "SnapinActions.pas" + 8)
[049EE454] SnapinActions.TSnapinActionManager.Execute (Line 136, "SnapinActions.pas" + 9)
[049EE742] SnapinActions.TSnapinActionManager.Execute (Line 174, "SnapinActions.pas" + 4)
[049F1716] SnapinComponent.TSnapinConsoleComponent.OnScopeProperties (Line 1068, "SnapinComponent.pas" + 4)
[0498AC61] Snapins.TSnapinComponentData.ExtendPropertySheetCreatePropertyPages (Line 1480, "..\..\..\libs\mmc\Snapins.pas" + 6)

This also seems to mean it can't get any new news for this group.

In the end, I removed the group and added it again, and that seems to have kicked it into life properly. But I still can't reliably check on its properties without throwing an error.

Does this get any better in more recent releases?

I'm sure that in the old (pre-MMC) Mailtraq I could view and delete individual news postings.
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