Calendar sync with Outlook 2013

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Calendar sync with Outlook 2013

Postby spkeller » Tue May 06th, 2014 8:22am

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Given my history with Calendars and event duplication and such, I thought I'd ask here before I messed everything up again.
I have a desktop PC with Outlook 2010, I use Funambol 10.1.6 to sync calendar and contacts with Mailtraq. I also have a laptop with Outlook 2013. I'd like to have the same synch settings here, but Funambol 10.1.6 doesn't work with Outlook 2013. I know I shouldn't mix Funambol with MOS, and I haven't been able to confirm which (if any) version of Funambol is compatible with Outlook 2013.
Is there anyone currently syncing both Outlook 2010 and 2013 successfully?
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