Migration to a cloud server

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Migration to a cloud server

Postby virgiox » Thu Sep 05th, 2013 1:10pm

After an hw failure I'm evaluating the option to migrate Mtraq server to an IaaS provider, as they claim a lot of 9s of availability.
My concern is how to transfer about 100 GB of IMAP mail boxes, the largest one being about 9 GB. With an upload speed of
about 512 kbit/s, a single mail box transfer will take several hours, so I'll need several days (nights) to get the job done,
migrating one or more user(s) each night.
During such days all users are expecting to have their mail working, regardless the server they need to use.

Let's suppose on day (night) #1 I install another Mtraq server on the cloud while the old one on LAN is still working.
I think I'll face licensing problem as I'm actually running a couple of server with the same license, at the same time.
It could be for no more than, say 15 days, but will it work ?

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Re: Migration to a cloud server

Postby Elric Pedder » Sun Sep 08th, 2013 9:23pm

Assuming you can move at least one mailbox per night it should be possible to divide all this.

You would need two licenses for Mailtraq (I recommend contacting your license vendor to discuss this as I do not know). You would migrate one mailbox at a time and then instruct the user to use the new mailbox. Give the new system a temporary domain name and make sure the old server is on the LAN list. On the new server, only accept SMTP connections from the old server and allow users to use a separate SMTP service that is authenticated. Have each user whose mailbox has been moved forward all mail to the new temporary domain. Ensure there is a static route for the temporary domain to the new system.
Leave the users' SMTP settings as is but change the IMAP server for each user after their mailbox has moved to the new server.

I hope that helps!
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